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Vision and future

"The past has an effect on the direction you are going, but does not determine your destination

or how you get there."

Society has become more receptive to the importance of self-preservation and never has there been more opportunities to take control of your own physical and mental wellbeing. 

The future is all about understanding your priorities, what you can and can't control and being proactive in shaping your own life and that of the generations to follow.

Bit too deep and profound?!

OK...the future is getting active, enjoying the many benefits, living your life and getting rid of the excuses and regrets. So let's go!

Tom Meehan

Who am I?


I'm a fitness professional and event organiser based in Shrewsbury and I'm proud to call this my home town where I have lived and worked for the last 15 years.


I have built a reputation, client base and business which helps motivate, support and offer opportunities for people to take control of their health and fitness whilst making positive lifestyle choices.

I practice what I preach! Enjoy life, time with my family, eat, drink, be social and exercise!

I get job satisfaction seeing other people motivated and making progress, whilst maintaining my own drive and focus through fitness training, sport and mindfulness.

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